Havoc Hobby


Social Media, Website Conversions


  • Curate content, design campaigns, and shoot product content for videos. To launch the mask collection on Instagram & Facebook
Creative Process

  • Shot a Maskup & Earthsave Collection campaign with influencers & later translated their pictures into creatives for social media
  • Conducted giveaway contest for the same campaign which delivered great response
  • Launched a Havoc Hobby rocket filter for audience to interact with it, click selfies and post on their stories for engagement
  • Designed posts with creative outlooks and concepts using emojis, topicals etc
  • Launched & promoted ‘Havoc Freedom Sale’ for Independence Day campaign for direct sales on the website
Final Results

  • The Havoc Hobby RC store based in Bangalore attracted visitors on social media and their website from all over the world. The conversion rate on website & engagement rate on social media both outperformed.

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