Healthy Nspirations, a Nutritionist and Dietician


Social Media, Campaign Management


  • Optimise the social strategy, adding content buckets and reels to the feed, increasing followers and running campaigns
Creative Process

  • Increased the quality of content by adding content hubs like recipes, covid immunity booster drinks, talking about mental health & depression
  • Interactive stories like quiz, polls & videos every week to keep the audience entertained
  • Participated in various contests with fellow chefs and food pages to drive engagement and develop brand visibility
  • Promotional advertising on father’s day with special offers & discounts with the name ‘Pamper the ones who care for you’
  • Ran campaigns to capture clients for daily meal plans, weight loss plans & PCOD plans
Final Results

  • The engagement rate rose upto 15% due to interactive stories, also contests & collaborations with fellow pages added to the overall number. A number of meal plan queries were also received from potential clients through the community hashtags and campaign results.

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